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a movement brand

100% locally inspired, designed, and handcrafted athleisure

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GLOW is a locally and sustainably designed athleisure brand from South Africa.

Speaking to a lifestyle of being on the move, and getting your GLOW with comfortable, stylish pieces.


Our original range AfreeClipse is inspired by the indigenous aloe of the Cape region, and is named after 
three key provinces of South Africa - Gauteng, the Eastern Cape, and KwaZulu Natal.

With bold, hand-sketched aloe prints we find fluidity between fitness and fashion. 

Hand-crafted in Africa, we believe in the power of UBUNTU and follow a circular and sustainable approach for our brand.

We are driven by the artistic process, celebrate creative collaboration and offer a platform to showcase local

design talent with a practical way to support creatives in the form of wearable art. 

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Our tailored fit, supreme quality products boast design detail that translates effortlessly and stylishly
from beach to body, office to active, and day to night - for a lifestyle on the move!


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