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Move ~ Flow ~ GLow

for a lifestyle moving between every wave,
in every city, on every peak,
and back Home to your mat

We are a locally inspired and produced movement brand from South Africa, made by womxn for every body.


No matter where you are and what you are up to, we strive to make you feel strong, fashionable and comfortable, while doing whatever makes you GLOW.

What makes you glow?

Our GLOW is here to accompany you in just about anything you're tackling throughout your day. We believe in an outfit to be worn to almost any occasion: from working at home, to popping out for a coffee with friends, before heading to your favourite yoga flow or workout sesh in the studio, hiking up the next mountain for some epic views, or getting some saltwater stoke on your surfboard. We've even tested our fashionable leggings on the dancefloor and felt just that extra groovy thanks to our bold prints and comfortable fit! 

Check out the snapshots below from happy GLOW-GETTERS for some inspiration as to where your GLOW can take you. Send us your own GLOW moment, or follow and tag us on Instagram - we love to see you shine!

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Durable Fabrics
for Unlimited Movement

We choose to only incorporate fabrics

that we have tested and tried ourselves,

and have withstood all our favourite activities - from hiking to surfing,

yoga to HIIT, to your leisurely coffee and stylish WFH mood.

Untitled design.png

Inspired and Produced

We strive to stay true to our roots.

We are proudly South African, and this

will always be displayed in our designs and

 work ethic. We encourage collaboration and make our choices

in the spirit of UBUNTU.

Made by Womxn
for every body

We finalised our placement of our prints, logo, and seams after years of trial and error, to ensure every body feels comfortable and looks fashionable. 

Our clothes are made to fit your body.