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Athleisure FAQ

  • What is my GLOW made of?
    Our material is made of highest quality 250gram stretch fabric: 82% Polyester and 18% Spandex mix. This fabric is incredibly flexible and stretchy, with no transparency, which is why you can do your bends and squats without ever having to worry about anyone seeing anything but your fabulous GLOW! The organic hemp for our leisure line comes straight from Hemporium. You can read all about the fabric's story here.
  • Who made my GLOW?
    Our active wear fabric is ordered from a local supplier who receives it from Europe. Our leisure wear fabric is made out of organic hemp, which is bought directly from Hemporium. Unfortunately, the specific type of Poly Spandex we use for our famous leggings is not yet produced here in South Africa. From there it goes to a local CMT and print company which we have tested and worked with long enough to establish a mutually beneficial and trusting business partnership with.This is where all our magical prints, inspired by the indigenous aloe and the patterns of the Ndebele tribe, happen before being taken to the embroiders, just around the corner, who add our beloved GLOW logo. After this, the fabric goes straight back to the CMT to be stitched carefully together and picked by us for shipping. All within less than 20km radius here in Cape Town - pretty local hey?
  • What's the right size for me?
    Please refer to our sizing chart!
  • Do you offer any discounts or alternative payment plans?
    We are currently working on setting up alternative payment with Payflex, so you can pay for your GLOW in instalments. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • When will I receive my order?
    As we are a small business we are meticulous about our quality and ethics - good quality takes time. Therefore, every order is part of a small batch that is tailored to our customers needs. If not specified otherwise, we take approxiamtely 14 working days from order to shipping.
  • How do I take care of my GLOW?
    After a workout, several days at home or a surf, please make sure you machine wash your leggings and all hemp items on 30 to 40 degrees only. Do not tumble dry!
  • What is your return policy?
    GLOW supports the circular economy approach, through conscious consumerism to promote protecting our planet and its resources to stop excess waste from entering our landfills. Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority, which is why we offer free repair or replacement, within 14 days of delivery, should you receive it with any faults or errors. We quality control every item before putting them to market. However. should you find that your product is defective, feel free to contact us immediately so we can find a solution together. We also offer customisation of your GLOW to your specific shape and size, if you find that existing sizes are not a 100% perfect fit for you! However, we do not take back any items that have been worn, as this goes against our hygiene policy and our goal of reducing environmental pollution, as each returned item includes another excess of emissions. Find a friend, gift your GLOW! Pre-loved is where it's at. Please know that your conscious consumerism and purchasing behaviour has a huge impact on our planet, which is why we ask you to head over to our SIZING CHART, to check out which size is right for you, in order to avoid "misfits". If you're still unsure, feel free to pop into our GLOW store in the Lifestyle Centre on 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town, to try several sizes on! That being said - should your GLOW be completely different to what you had imagined in terms of fit, we do encourage you to resell them to your circle and invite them to #GlowWithUs! Sharing is caring.
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