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Our activewear is designed with South African bodies in mind - which are typically a little bigger than the European shape, slightly sportier, and stronger. 

Our fabric is a 250g super high-quality four-way stretch, with a lot of resilience, so all of our sizes adapt with the natural fluctuations of the body. We advise that while the elastic in the waist may be a bit tight the first time you try on a pair of leggings - "vasbyt" - after one or two wears the fibres of the fabric start moulding to the organic shape of your body - much like leather or denim, our activewear wears in, rather than out.


Our leggings are cut with extra length and a slim ankle, which means they can be pulled over the ankle or heel for a cosier wintery fit. The waistband is a wide, flattering cut that sits on the waist with a 2cm elastic on the waistline to ensure the leggings don't offer a soft fit, and also don't cut into your waist. The double layer of the waistband provides a supportive, comfortable, high-waisted fit over the belly. And because of the thickness of the fabric you'll never have to worry about transparency when stretching. 

Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 16.32.45.png


Our crop tops are designed as a style that sits between a bikini top and a sports bra: something that offers minimal coverage but maximum support. The straps go down the centre back to offer ultimate freedom of movement, with elasticated support for the bust with the 'halter' design. The 2cm elastic below the bust offers increased support and hold and is based off a tried and tested cut for a bigger bust. The front is also double to offer additional support, but for the bustier ladies it is worth noting the lower cut in the front.

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