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Who we are

Meet the womxn behind the brand.

see what makes us GLOW, why this is more than just your usual active wear and ath-leisure and where you can find us moving, flowing and glowing!


After losing my GLOW, I needed to find it again... this brand was it.

GLOW is everything I love, believe in and value: exercise, community, design, inspiration, getting outdoors, and staying sharp. Plus looking fly, feeling comfortable, and transcending various environments while  remaining practical, relevant and fun while doing so.


I started two businesses at the age of 22, and GLOW was the more sensible, experienced love child of a fashion brand and movement that launched young creatives.

The products stemmed from necessity for something better than what I could find, the vision was totally inspired by nature in every way and the core functions were fit, fun, and fashion. 


These leggings became a home for all my adventures, I had a print for every mood and they allowed me to go further, wider and bolder. GLOW is my energy, the products are how I get to share it and the brand is a lifestyle I aspire to lead everyday!


Life is one heck of a journey, so come find the joy in all the moves, the highs,  the flows, the lows... there's a little bit of GLOW in all of us, sometimes we just need each other to find it again! <3

MIOKO.SEA_Copyright_GLOW-1654 2.JPG (1).JPG
Shadow on Concrete Wall


I am a multi-lingual globetrotter, idealist, book-reading adventure seeker and environmentalist. I found South Africa to be the place where all of these facets of mine truly come to life. And I want my work along with my clothes to do the same for me, to support me in chasing whatever makes me GLOW - whether that is on a plane, in a car, on my couch, out in nature or back on my mat.


What I love about GLOW is that while managing the more operational side of the brand, I get to be creative and inspired by the amazing people we work with, while coming up with ideas for our styles, future collaborations and fun projects together. We share the same vision, work ethics and all of this enables me to do the things I love - while working!


If you ever had a "board" meeting with your business partner in the ocean, you know what I am talking about! 

IMG_9607-1 (1).jpg

Brittany Raine ~ Glow Getter behind & in front of the lense

Britt is an avid traveller and creative, who has taken our GLOW far & wide across Southern Africa. While being our work from anywhere (literally) admin assistant, she never seizes to provide us with some epic snapshots of her & her travel buddies in our "adventure leggings" along the way! If you ever need a hiking buddy, Britt is your girl!


Skye Mallac ~ Wordsmith & Herbalist

Skye is turning our creative outputs into snappy yet meaningful content whenever she can. She has taken our GLOW into the depths of South American Jungles & uses her love for nature by providing natural remedies through her own Roots Remedies Products. If you ever need a holistic, herbal remedy, Skye is your girl!

Screenshot 2021-08-02 at 11.26.19.png

Juanita Kruger ~ Creative Content
& Design

Juani breathed new life into our little brand and provided us with a fresh look & feel. She assists us with content creation & scheduling and the fine tuning of our online platforms whenever she has time off her 9-5 and isn't currently on a skate- or surfboard. If you ever need a surfing buddy, Juani is your girl!


Sage Goodwin - Illustrator

Sage came down to Cape Town for her summer holiday from uni, moved in with Gabs by chance, started coming to her design studio to work alongside her... and the rest, as they say, is history! Sharing a love for nature, the girls took a roadtrip, got inspired by all the aloes, Sagey drew them & Gabs made the activewear! Voila!

If you ever need a gorgeous hand sketched gift, Sage is your girl!


Emma Braham - Graphic Designer

Emma is kinda the reason it all happened... she introduced Sage and Gabs, & then merged the magic by transforming Sage's sketches into workable prints for fabric & body shapes - no easy process! Em had it in the bag tho, as an award winning graphic designer, she knows her way around a design suite! If you need a cool logo, Emma is your girl!

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