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ADVENTURE READY ~ the lifestyle we aspire to

An idea sparkles, the bug bites & the plans are made. Before we know it, we’re waiting in anticipation of ‘the night before’: packing our backpacks, getting charged up & digging up all those essential travel items that make life on the road a little more manageable.

Adventure-ready is a mindset.

There’s something about getting in the car, a destination in mind, yet the journey it will take you on totally open to the spirit of adventure. Anything can happen & you’ve got to be ready for the twists in the tale (& if you’re lucky) the path less traveled!

You never know what you might learn along the way.

The best part of any mission is the stops we make to smell the fynbos, the unexpected people you meet as you navigate a new way & undoubtedly – the padkos!

Ideally paired with some groovy beats & some insightful company, if the road never ended we might not even mind.

The journey is the goal.

When you arrive, take some time to truly arrive with your whole self.

Connect to your senses: breathe in the unique smells, notice the new sounds, really see the people, the culture, the landscape, lean into a different energy & feel the connection to something fresh… taste life a little differently, if only just for a little while.

True freedom is knowing home.

Leaving it all behind in search of something new, something inspiring, something to alter the lens we typically see life through. Travel blows your mind wide open: it rewrites the script of what we have come to know about how to live a life & how to see the world.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to travel & explore, get your GLOW (the best travel buddy) & share your journey with us by tagging @moveflowglow & #GlowWithMe.

The middle of now/here - be there.

GLOW was designed with adventure in mind: conscious clothing that is practical, comfortable & comforting enough to get out there in - wherever the road takes you.

Knowing we can’t be it all, we’ve found some epic local brands to fill the gaps & get you everything you need to be adventure ready.

Big thanks to BUSH, Cape of Storms, Desha, Mocana, Knot There Yet, Mahina, Backline Babes, Good Riddance Coffee & Leonista for joining the journey - more about them in our next post!

For now…


Images by the epic Hannah Filen of Drifter & Muse Media, featuring yogi Fatima Holliday, business babe Dom of Good Riddance Coffee & salty sister Jordan Kelly

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