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GLOW Lifestyle ~ a story told.

It’s really all about how you wake up.

The feeling you have in your body as you open your eyes, when your conscious mind takes precedence over your dream state ~ the two temporarily blending, making you believe anything is possible.

The transition is significant, whether governed by light or sound, it starts your day. It sets you forth. Where there is light, there is hope.

How you start today is how you will experience it, how it will end when you make it back to bed tonight with your tired eyes and what will guide your thinking through each step, whether uphill climbing or smooth sailing, all downhill from here.

Make it count.

Seek out what makes every cell of your being radiate, what makes you shine from within, what makes you GLOW.

Make it happen.


For us, it begins with those first perfect golden rays of sunshine, that tickle & dance on your skin with gentle warmth and a promise of clear vision as you rise with first light...

Get up, get out there, face the light of the day & let movement guide your motions for a few moments so that your mind can organically & naturally restructure itself while your body does the work.

Receive confidence in your physicality, mentality. Let your spirit light up as endorphins replace and refresh any stale, stuck & stagnant energy.

Movement cannot exist without stillness, though. Embrace rest to find balance.

Take a deep inhale and let your body relax into the experience of being alive as you exhale: let this rhythmic subtlety settle your nervous system, and continually reap the benefits of this mindfulness - consistently coming back home to the breath, no matter where your day has taken you.

Find a sliver of time to slow down, to really slow down, before you speed up again.

Let nature and the spectrum of leaves, light & green ease the mind and soothe the soul.

Connect to your senses.






~ where focus goes, energy flows ~

Rooted, grounded, centred. Ready to go again, ready to move, already in flow, keep the GLOW.

If it is creativity that you seek, getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the city and its architecture can truly be inspirational. Use the confines of lines to structure your thinking and organise your thoughts.

Regularly, slowing down, even just for a few seconds.

Become aware.

Take your time, pause, observe, reflect & digest while getting a caffeine fix at your favourite place.

Keep your eyes open, alert and awake, on the lookout for new opportunities as they clarify on the horizon. Know your worth, exercise your limits, take it to your edge and then soften.

Set your boundaries, identify which risks are worth taking.

The sun sets the day with her golden rays and prepares to close. Explore your mind ~ filled with new impressions, ideas, experiences... its time to refresh with a dip into mama ocean!

Leave the past where it is, make space for the new.

As you submerge your body in the ocean, the lines begin to blur and you find yourself in the flow state of complete equanimity ~ at one with the present moment.


The day is done, take your rest, slip back into your dreams so they can inspire you to take yet another day with grace, guidance & your very own GLOW.

Glow x Carl van der Linde

Cape Town, South Africa

27 September 2020.


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