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GLOW (re-)launch Mailer

“Alright stop, collaborate and listen

Something grabs a hold of me tightly

Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly

Turn off the lights and I'll GLOW.”

We took a little time out, but we’re back. Stronger, healthier and more focused than before - a couple late nights, always an early morning (that’s what your dreams demand) but this time:

no intention of giving up.

Determined is the word, and we’re crafting a lifestyle that is steady, stable & sustainable - just like our products!

GLOW was never a fast brand, but rather one built on the foundation of a good quality product & based on a lifestyle that’s regenerative.

What this means for us?

Not investing so much time, energy or money that we land up empty, but rather taking a grounded approach: one that makes sense as a small business & keeps us rooted in our commitment to the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit all the while energising & invigorating us by the 'work' we're doing.

Until now, we have operated on a practical make-to-order model, appealing to our trusted network to have patience with the process as we fill our minimum order quantities to ensure the best quality, the best price and ultimately a great experience with our treasured brand - GLOW.

This time it’s no different - although we have big plans, we are starting small and taking things one step at a time - one foot in front of the other... with refined systems and more fluid operations.

So, whats different?

We're STOKED to welcome Annika to the team, who has already made her mark by building a beautiful website and integrated an epic local online sales platform to make access to our brand easy.

Affectionately known as Anni, this German ninja has a background in sustainability, systems and a serious know-how for having fun yet staying active. Anni will be managing all things social, strategic & sustainable - for us and our green earth.

We’re also over the moon to be launching our long awaited solid range.

Look out for the same epic quality, comfortable fit & signature gold GLOW embroidery this time in plain black, olive green and maroon colour ways launching with our next production run!

Although GLOW took a little rest, Gabriela the head and heart behind the brand has certainly been busy - busy slowing down and getting certified as a registered Yoga Teacher!

Look out for new GLOW yoga classes popping up around the city’s most scenic spots soon - watch this space.

Our social media is also breathing new life - take a little scout around and expect to find healthy recipes, easy workouts, interesting reads & things you should know - knowledge is power.

Last but not least, we’re opening up sales (for the first time in a year) to YOU - our trusted circle of friends, family and GLOW girls. If you’d like to order, you have freedom of choice:

We can’t wait to see you move, flow & Glow With Us!

If there’s anything you’re unsure of, if there’s something you’d like to find out more about or if you just need a little help finding your own GLOW again - we’ve been there, please reach out.

A big take-away from this global pandemic is that right now - it’s all about collaboration, service & being there for each other. Let's GLOW together.

Gabs & Anni x

PS - we never come without treats, a bit of love or adding a bit of value, check out the below:



  1. Write your ideas down in the morning

  2. Edit them in the evening

  3. Sleep on it & send the next day after a final edit.

SIDENOTE | Get good rest! Switch your mind off, turn the lights down low & ease into a peaceful slumber with a good old fashion book - even if it’s just a paragraph, there’s no pressure after 9pm.


An easy listening collection of vibey beats to get you going in the mornings, to power through that afternoon slump or gear up during a workout before a night out.

Nothing looks better with your outfit than an endorphin GLOW!


This is a great read on a philosophers take on how to handle crises and change.

Here’s an insightful talk & meditation by one of our favourite fun, functional guru’s, Tara Brach.

Meditation: A Present Heart (20 minutes)

For more great content, follow us on Instagram: @moveflowglow

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